Thursday, December 29, 2016

Courtney's Festive Boots

Courtney shows off her festive Christmas lights on her boot she was having to wear.
Leave it to Courtney to make something fun from an inconvenient situation.

A work day for me

Actually it was a fun day for me.  It was very cold and we were going to stay home anyway.
I spent the day doing what I love. Creating stuff and putting it on computer.

Visit to New York, NY October 2016

 Wayne and I went to New York City in
October 2016. Top photo is the
Freedom Tower at the 911 Memorial.
The bottom photo is taken from almost the top
floor of the Freedom Tower. It is
a photo of the skyscrapers in New York
They look small in comparison to
the Freedom Tower.
The tower of 1776 feet high.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Find my Digital Paper Etc shop in Etsy

To find my design shop in Etsy, click on the link below: